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  • MNCCI will influence and advocate to create favorable business environment, coordinate, connect and support to development of business


    MNCCI will be the businesses' success platform and a leader, guiding you the right way to the international market competitiveness


    Skilled and friendly colleagues

    Mutually respecting colleagues with wide range of knowledge, education, skills, a positive attitude and proactive cooperation

    Tight and effective cooperation

    To develop sustainable, efficient and engaged cooperation by treasuring understanding and trust based on result

    Valuable Products and Services

    To suggest qualitative and satisfying goods and services to customers by foreseeing, researching and planning their demands and needs

    Ethical activity

    To work promptly, efficiently, flexibly, proactively, honestly and transparently, with high sense of responsibility


    To be a prominent representative of private sector in the course of the social and economic development of Mongolia and to work inclusively by being a proactive, engaging and sustainable development accelerator





    Representatives, Honorary representatives


    Local branches





    Strategic objective

    To establish PPD (Public-private dialogue) mechanism and to engage entrepreneurs into the improvement of business environment

    To protect the common interests of business community in all stages of processing of business related laws and policy documentations, solution and implementation thereof

    To support and reward members and entrepreneurs to help them expand their market and improve their competiveness in all directions

    To ensure multilateral cooperation of businesses, develop sustainable network and strengthen mutually beneficial partnership

    To be sensitive to economic and market changes and provide valuable knowledge and information to members, entrepreneurs and partner organizations

    To improve Chamber’s governance and management, enrich internal collaboration and strengthen resources

    Quality Policy

    We will provide our members, clients and businesspeople with high-standard products and services; and support them in ways to improve their organization’s operations, increase their employees’ skills and knowledge, and boost their cooperation with business partners.

    Executive managers

    CEO of MNCCI
    Deputy CEO of MNCCI
    General Secretary of MNCCI

    The Greeting of The President

    My warm greetings to all members of MNCCI and entrepreneurs!

    As the President of MNCCI, in order to create opportunity to overcome the economic crisis quickly with less detriment, I will start my work by improvement of laws and legislations. Especially through the introduction of Economic transparency law of Mongolia into legislative powers, we can achive the financial reform tightly connected with taxation.

    Also, I will work for entrepreneur’s business views to be delivered and appropriately reflected on the governmental policies and decisions with target to overcome economic crisis.

    Therefore, MNCCI calls out not only the private sector, but the government to improve and strengthen their governances, and declares this year to be “The Year to support the Governance”.


     LHAGVAJAV Baatarjav


    1. Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established
      Mongolian National Arbitration was established and in 2014 it changed into Mongolian International and National Arbitration center

    2. Expertise department was established.

    3. Patent department was established.

    4. Started to issue the certificate of origin.

    5. MNCCI and Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce cooperation project, "Project to improve capacity of MNCCI and local chambers"

    6. MNCCI participated in the World Expo.

    7. Published the 1st edition of “Business Times” newspaper.
      Foreign Trade and Business training center was established.

    8. MNCCI became a member of CACCI (Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry)

    9. Started to organize “Entrepreneur” award ceremony to announce leading entrepreneurs.
       “Ulaanbaatar partnership” international trade fair and “SME’s products, services and technology international trade fairs were organized.
      The Chamber became a member of the Bureau of International Exhibitions.
      1997 – 2012 The local chambers began to establish.

    10. Started to organize “Lady Entrepreneur” award ceremony to announce leading business women.

    11. “Made in Mongolia” exhibition was first organized.
      "Business confidence index” was firstly released.
      “Business Festival” parade of entrepreneurs was organized.

    12. “TOP-100 enterprises” award event was organized.

    13. MNCCI started to issue the ATA Carnets.
      Started to take “Corruption index survey”.
      “Mongolian Economy” which is foreign trade’s white book was published.

    14. The “GS1 Mongolia” association was established and started to allocate barcodes.

    15. Trade facilitation council “MONPRO” was established.
      The 1st edition of “Inspiring Mongolia” magazine was published.
      www.mongolchamber.mn  website of MNCCI was introduced.

    16. Started to announce “Mongolian National 99 products”.
      “Business English Contest” competition was organized.
      MNCCI and Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce cooperation project, “Project to improve capacity of MNCCI and local chambers”.

    17. The 1st edition of “The Business Development” magazine was published.
      MNCCI and Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce cooperation project to support local economic development.

    18. "Chambers visa card" was introduced.
      MNCCI Membership portal site was introduced.
      "Green Credit Guarantee Fund" was established.
      The Virtual Expo opened to organize a virtual exhibition.
      ”Order of Silk Road” awards ceremony was organized.
      “Clean production and energy efficiency center” was established.

    19. “The Air Chamber” ticket office was opened.

    20. Started to organize “The CEO high level course” for companies’ directors.

    21. Started to organize training to issue the Certificate of Corporate Governance.
      1997-2012 The local chambers were started to establish.

    22. Started to organize training for Custom brokers.
      “Vocational training and production center of Mongolia-China peace” was established.

    23. Started to issue “Certified organic” eco label of Organic products.
      Mediation Center of Business Dispute was established.
      Started to issue “Green Hotel” eco label.

    24. Started to implement “International Quality Management ISO-9001” standard.
      2015-2018. MNCCI and Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce cooperation project “Project to Support Value-chain” was started.

    25. "Green HRM" system for human resource management was introduced.  
      “CRM” system for automation of integral operation was introduced.
      2003-2016. Business sector councils under MNCCI was started to establish. Currently 27 councils are working effectively.

    Our staff


    Total number of employees 108+


    Average age of employees 35+


    Average years of experience 10+


    Academic degrees / postgraduate / 30%


    Prevailing professions / Business administration, economics, foreign trade / 70%

    Organization structure

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