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  • Businessmen from Russian Altai Krai interested in animal husbandry of Mongolia

    A delegation included some 10 representatives of eight companies led by the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Altai Krai participated in a Mongolia-Russia business meeting held on November 7 in Ulaanbaatar.

    “Mongolia has potential to supply meat, meat products, cashmere, woolen and leather goods to Russia, so we need to collaborate in abolishing tariff and non-tariff barriers,” the Russian businessmen said at the meeting.

    MNCCI Secretary-General E.Oyuntegsh made the opening remarks, pointing out that Mongolia have negotiated with Russia on importing over 200 thousand tons of wheat because Mongolia lost much amount of crops due to droughts.

    “Accordingly, Mongolian companies that have the wheat import quotas will negotiate with the Russian side, while Altai Krai is interested in buy cashmere, woolen and leather products, meat and meat products. Thus, the countries have to tackle issues regarding reducing the customs barriers and veterinary quarantine, at a governmental level,” E.Oyuntegsh said.

    At the meeting, a presentation was made on the “Tsagaannuur” economic free-zone that is expected to be a junction center for international trade and transportation.

    “A new plan of the Tsagaannuur economic free-zone has been worked out, and it aims to establish a commercial, transportation and logistics center and to build plants of processing natural gas and crude oil and polyethylene that is raw material of plastic. Furthermore, the plan reflects goals to construct a meat-processing plant, storage house and a small-sized plant of canned meat. Thanks to a short distance between Altai Krai and Mongolian Bayan-Ulgii and Khovd provinces, companies in these regions are possible to broaden their partnership,” said Ts.Azzaya, an external relations specialist at the Municipality Governor’s Office.

    In scope of the meeting, businessmen of the countries held a roundtable and tete-a-tete meetings. Companies of Altai Krai introduced their business on productions of sea buckthorn juice and oil, electricity, heating, railway transportation, agricultural techniques, wheat, flour and fodder. 

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